More on Uber drivers

31 March 2016

Uber's problems appear to be escalating.  

June 20 has now been set as the date for the class action lawsuit to determine whether Californian Uber drivers are employees or contractors.

Last year in permitting the class action to proceed, Judge Edward Chen excluded two categories of drivers - those who drove for Uber through limo companies and those who signed up to drive using corporate or fictitious names. However, these drivers are now taking civil action against Uber alleging that Uber misclassified them as independent contractors, effectively stripping them of rights such as business-expense reimbursements and gratuities.  

In December the same judge permitted more drivers to join the action.  Those drivers who agreed as part of their contracts to settle disputes in arbitration may now join the lawsuit.

Additionally, Chen has allowed the drivers’ related expenses, which includes fuel, maintenance and repairs, among other things, to be included as part of the suit’s claims.

Uber must still be doing something right because the Company is now valued at US$62.5 billion!  Its recent launch in Christchurch has been very successful with hundreds of drivers seeking registration.  Uber says it has delivered over 1 million rides in NZ since launching here 18 months ago.