Measles - What should you do?

02 September 2019

You should consider doing the following:

1. Asking employees who have not been vaccinated for measles to come forward. You have the right to ask this question because you need to take all practicable steps to minimise the risk of infection.

2. Advising those employees that they may get free inoculations (if born in 1969 or after), but not coercing them to do so.

3. Considering the merits of requiring unvaccinated employees to stay away from work. There would need to be evidence of other employees succumbing to measles to justify such action; and you would need to consider enabling the employee to take paid sick leave or otherwise protect their earnings. Note here that people with measles are contagious 5 days before to 5 days after the rash onset.

4. Encouraging employees who experience symptoms of measles to self-report.

5. Advising employees who are feeling sick to stay away from work or public places, to minimise the risk to other people.

6. Publicising that you are open to providing extra paid leave for such employees if they have exhausted their sick leave entitlement.

7. Preparing a policy on the above for general use.

You can find more detail on the Ministry of Health website: