April 2020

Preparing for Level 3 Expand article
Contract article

Preparing for Level 3 will be no easy task.  It certainly will not be business as usual. You have a few days to plan how you will do this.

  • Planning is vital.  If one of your team contracts COVID-19 your operation will be seriously compromised and may need to close for a period.
  • People who can work from home must do so.
  • It’s all about physical distancing. One metre separation at work is the minimum and greater separation where it is reasonably practicable to do so; and two metres in uncontrolled environments, like in public. If you’re operating a one metre separation you must have a register for contact tracing.

All businesses operating under Level 3 must have a COVID-19 safety plan that sets out how they will operate safely. Worksafe is all over this; and has developed a plan applicable to all businesses. Most industry groups have also been working on plans for their particular sector, which you should review.  The key issues to consider in your plan are:

  1. Risks of re-starting 
  2. Information for workers to keep them safe 
  3. Ensuring workers are well and able to work 
  4. Ensuring workers remain safe at work
  5. What to do in case of suspected exposure 
  6. Review process
  7. Impact on business activity


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